On one hand, a fresh mix of materials and colours, combining metal, sandstone effect, strong contrasts and a 2.5D curved lens for a premium and punchy look. On the other hand, a bright HD screen, strong multimedia experience, a great camera and most of all… a fingerprint sensor and the possibility to customize up to 5 fingerprints for 5 different usages! Assign a specific function to each of your fingerprints, like calling your dear mother or keeping in touch with your friends, and make your digital experience truly personal!


You will love the details. Ufeel design stands out with its neo-retro look, combining premium materials with bold contrasts and sophisticated details. The soft edges and 2.5D curved glass are both harmonious and ergonomic, making this classy device ultra-compact. It perfectly fits in your hand, while the cold metal frame is contrasting with the tactile sandstone back cover finish. Ufeel glass technology makes the screen highly resistant to shocks and scratches, so you can enjoy your device fully.

Ufeel will be available in a set of 5 colours from subtle classy, to super trendy: Space Grey, Chocolate, Slate, Lime and Creamy.


Ufeel features a second-generation fingerprint sensor for better performance, speed and greater accuracy. Located below the display, the Ufeel sensor is easy to set up and will unlock your smartphone in only 0.48s for an intuitive experience. This 360° reading sensor will also recognize your finger in any position. But that’s not it… Cause fingerprint can get you much further!

  • 2nd generation sensor
  • 0.48s unlock
  • 360° reading
  • Easy registration


Ufeel allows you to customize your smartphone and make the experience truly personal. Register up to 5 different fingerprints, using one or two hands. You can customize 5 actions for a direct and quick access to your favourites apps, the features you use the most or call your loved ones. You can even allow someone to access your smartphone registering his/her finger print. 5 fingers. 5 actions. You decide!


Make your smartphone experience truly personal !

  • Unlock with your thumb fingerprint
  • Assign the function “Call Thomas” to your index fingerprint.
  • Directly launch the camera by touching the sensor with your middle finger.
  • Register your ring finger to open your messages.
  • Get direct access to My Music with your little finger !


Your smartphone is precious, so are your contents… Ufeel has got this! Ufeel Fingerprint technology will unlock your phone but it will also secure your sensitive information. You can decide to secure your favorite apps, requiring fingerprint recognition to open it. Nobody else than you will be able to access it. Store private files in encrypted boxes that only you can open. Your sensitive photos, videos, music or files will be safe. Your hand will soon both be the best password and security key you’ve ever had!

  • Secured unlock
  • Apps lock
  • Contents lock


  • Quad-Core 1.3GHz, 64 bits
  • 4G LTE connectivity
  • 3GB RAM & 16GB ROM
  • Android™ Marshmallow

Responsiveness is a must to enjoy your smartphone to the fullest. Ufeel’s powerful processor combined with 3GB RAM memory will ensure faster multitasking, quicker load of applications and greater reliability for demanding users. Nobody likes to wait, right ? So let’s bet on 4G LTE category 4 connectivity! All will go faster, from apps downloading to contents uploading or video streaming. Now the real question is: will you keep up ?

Android™ Marshmallow is on board of course and with it about 1.6 million crazy apps ! Storage won’t be a problem for Ufeel: it comes standard with 16GB ROM and you can add another 64GB using a micro SD giving you 80GB of storage in total. Sweet little extras !


Ufeel offers a 5’’ HD screen with a 1280 x 720 pixel resolution, just the perfect size to watch multimedia contents and comfortably use your phone. But there is more. First, the high brightness of 420 nits will allow you to appreciate great pictures even in full sunlight, while CABC technology will automatically adjust the backlight for brighter videos, clearer text display and even battery saving!

Then, On-cell technology comes in. This obscure designation is actually quite simple to get. It means the space between the glass and the screen is considerably reduced. What’s in it for you? Well, a better responsiveness of the screen and battery life optimization since the screen will get totally black when turned off. Last but not least, visualization of contents will benefit from lower reflection and higher contrasts.

2.5D glass resistant to scratches

5″ HD screen

Zero gap between
screen and touch panel

  • 420 nits
  • CABC technology
  • On-Cell technology


Take sharp and colourful pictures with the 13MP SONY IMX 258 rear camera equipped with 5P lens and a blue optical filter. Even in low light situations with a 240LM flash! The 0.5s autofocus will allow you instant shooting, so be on watch !
Discover the features of Ufeel’s camera mode.

Discover the features of Ufeel’s camera mode

Professional Mode: Adjust manually 5 items: ISO, exposure,
white balance, focal length
and color tone like a pro

Panorama: Take a series of photos
and stitch them together to create a wide scene

HDR: Spot simultaneously the highlights
and the shadows of your picture

Night: Get stunning pictures
even in low light conditions

Sports Mode: Optimize settings for action or sports pictures

DualView: Capture images or videos both
from front and back cameras

  • 5MP Front Camera
  • Selfie flash
  • 84° Front Wide Angle
  • Wideselfie mode


Everybody fits in the frame now, thanks to the 84° Wide Angle of Ufeel 5MP front camera. Still not enough? You can go further with a 100° selfie thanks to Wideselfie mode! Of course you will get stunning pictures in low light conditions with the Ufeel’s front flash !



Snap a picture while recording a video thanks to the Wiko camera app or record a video both from front and back cameras with the DualView mode. What a lively experience !

  • Video Recording: 1080p @ 30fps
  • DualView mode


Wiko User Interface promises a seamless, super intuitive experience. It consists in a whole set of applications, to optimize and ease your smartphone usage:

My Music

Quicker access to music features and innovative functionalities such as sleep mode.

Phone Assist

Perfect control of your settings: power saving, notifications, black list or permission manager.

My Launcher

Organize and shuffle apps the way you want it and find them quickly and easily under MyApps.


Camera for a quick and easy photo or video capture and direct settings customization.


Urban chic cases and smart folios have been developed to match with the neo-retro look of Ufeel and to protect it at any time. Slim and light, with fabric or soft touch finishes, they fit perfectly in your hand and your pocket ! But that’s not all! With the interactive window of Ufeel’s smart folios, personalize your smartphone by choosing the news you want to see at first glance and get direct access to your notifications on the go! Answer your calls and play your music without even opening your folio! The coolest way to use your smartphone!

Smart folio WiBOARD

Car holder
(available in some countries)

Protective case